Sat, Feb 29 | Old LA Zoo

Treasure Hunt at Griffith Park

Come join us for a fun fellowship for the whole family.
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Treasure Hunt at Griffith Park

Time & Location

Feb 29, 2020, 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Old LA Zoo, 4730 Crystal Springs Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90027, USA


The Game

The kids would be divided on two teams and given a map with different path for each team. Kids will go along the path to find the treasure with the aid of the following: 

  1. Kids will be given a visual clue by a station ranger. See example below.
  2. Kids will need to find the clue and take a picture (One high school student would be on each team to do that)
  3. Kids will show the clue to the ranger to exchange it with a riddle.
  4. Kids will have to guess the riddle.
  5. If kids guess the riddle the ranger will give them part of the treasure and the next visual clue. If they cannot guess ranger will delay the team one minute before giving them the answer and next clue.
  6. The winner team will share the treasure among team members.
  7. A bite will be provided to all participants adults and kids after the game is finished. ( have a good late breakfast at home)

Game rules

  1. Ranger can help the kids figure out the riddle, but does not give the answer. The only way to give the answer is to delay the team for one minute. 
  2. Any area outside the pathway will be hashed-out. Do not get into the hashed-out area, You will loose valuable time.
  3. Parents should not accompany their kids on this journey. Each team will have high school student working with the kids and there would be stations along the way to keep an eye and ensure safety. Parents can walk the trail  behind each team but at a distance of 200 feet or more. We need to allow the kids to feel they are not monitored.
  4. Older kids should engage the younger kids in finding the answer and give them a chance for a true participation. 
  5. All kids needs to be available the ranger’s station to play. Do not run and leave others behind you.
  6. Clues needs to be collected according to provided sequence. Ranger will expect you to show a specific part of the treasure to participate. You cannot show him something from next station. 

A final rules list would be distributed to all players with a map before the game.

The Place

Registration is Closed